#168 – “Working Man #3”

On top of revealing Aiyeese’s last name, I reveal James’ as well.  It’s funny how in most comic strips little details like that go unmentioned for the longest time.  My favorite example is in the original strip version of “Azumanga Daioh”, where Yomi’s name went unmentioned for so long they had to dedicate a special strip to just calling her by her name over and over again to drive the point home.

To everybody in the Chicagoland area, you guys keep safe after this awful blizzard!  We actually closed things down early at work just as things were really picking up because we wanted to get out of dodge.  Apparently in some areas they’ve called in the National Guard (I guess to make sure the snow doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?).

I myself am still waiting for the Thunder Snow they promised us.  That has to be the most bad ass weather phenomena I’ve ever seen.  It sounds like a metal band from Antarctica.

“Playing tonight at Red Rocks, THUNDER SNOW!  They’ll be debuting their new single ‘Stone Cold Dead’.”

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  • Natedogg_man

    Thunder Snow!
    All large bearded men in fur coats with helmets.

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