Hey there everyone!

…So, yea. I’ve been gone a few weeks. Should probably explain.

At the beginning of September, I finally had a chance to move into my own place and out of Tyler’s office, so I took it. I’m kind of digging in my heels in Portland and decided to make it official. And even though I’ve managed to keep the energy up most of the summer (despite working two jobs and still updating this site), everything just seemed to catch up with me after the move and I found myself completely exhausted. There were whole days I would stare at a new page and come up with nothing, even that I had written the ending for the “Edgar Allen Woe” story months in advance.

So now that I’m acclimated and gotten my inspiration back, here’s the battle plan for the rest of the year:

– First off, “Edgar Allen Woe” (baring no delays) should end around October 26th.
– Sadly, because of all the delays, I didn’t have time to adequately prepare a Halloween story this year. I had about half a dozen different “Eddie Van Helsing” stories that I was kicking around and I really liked all of them, but the simple fact is that I didn’t have enough time or energy to focus on them and develop them properly, so I decided not to go through with any of them. I even had a completely different Halloween story in mind involving the main cast of “Oh Goodie!”, but I couldn’t even develop that to my satisfaction this year. At this point I have a one-off planned on Halloween itself, and I’m leaving it at that.
– …That being said, I DID have an idea for an “Eddie Van Helsing” Christmas special, so I’ve decided to develop that. I also have an Election Day special planned, and a whole new short story I just thought of for the month of November.  I’m really excited to develop some fresh ideas on the fly, so I hope you like them.
– After New Year’s is gonna be a bit simpler.  I have at least two more major stories planned before I compile and print “Oh Goodie! Volume 3”, which will hopefully be available in May at least.  I have some big plans for that, and even more for “Volume 4” afterwards.

…But we’ll cross all of those bridges when we get to them.  In any case, I gotta finish this “Edgar” story up.  Thank you all for your support and your patience!  Hope you enjoy what I have coming down the pipeline!

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