Sketch Week #2 – Cheetara, Neptune Men, and Eggboy

And sketch week continues!  Gotta say I’m having a lot of fun so far.  To be honest I haven’t straight up “doodled” in a while, and any creative person will tell you that’s kind of crucial.  If you don’t let your mind and your hand wander you won’t come up with anything new.

Few explanations about today’s sketches!  Cheetara from Thundercats is self-explanatory, that was suggested by my friend Drew.  The man who looks like he’s wearing a suppository on his head is from “Invasion of the Neptune Men”.  Sketching this arose from a brief discussion with my friend Kelly.  “Neptune Men” is easily one of my favorite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 so I had to do it.

The round-headed fellow deserves some explanation though.  That right there is Eggboy, the first comic character I ever created (not EGGMAN as lots of people were fond of saying).  I came up with him in the second grade and he started out innocent enough, but the older I got the more he started to reflect the action comics I read when I was entering my teens.  I thought recently if I ever DID revive the character I’d just run with it and make him something like a cop who kicks ass and takes names…only he’s an egg.  I figure if “Omaha the Cat Dancer” can comment on Minnesota sex industry laws using anthropomorphic cats then I can do a cop drama with eggs.

And why’d I sketch Eggboy?  Because no matter how old I get or what I draw my mother always asks “When’re you gonna revive Eggboy?” as a joke.  Well ya got yer wish Ma.

If you’d like to submit a sketch idea either comment here or on my Twitter!

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  • aequitas

    I repectfully request a sketch of Dude Lebowski from the movie Big Lebowski

    I know hes been sketched a lot but i’d like to see your take on it

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