B-Side #002 – “How to Win an Oscar”

Really, I could go on forever about my hatred for the Oscars.  I could go on about how the Academy was originally formed to give the illusion of an actor’s union in Hollywood.  I could go on about how they honor way more dramatic films than they do comedies.  I could go on about how gay AND dying (as I pointed out above) seem to go hand-in-hand all too often in Academy nominees (“Just because you can be gay doesn’t mean you can live!”).  I could go on about the 1976 Oscar upset where “Rocky” beat out “All the President’s Men”, “Network”, and “Taxi Driver” (don’t even get me started on their treatment of Scorsese).

I even had a section of this I cut out talking about how actresses, aside from the “Gay, Retarded, or Dying” rule, usually have to ugly themselves up in order to be taken seriously.  Not to mention most “Best Actress” winners fall into two categories: really really old or really really young.  If you’re middle-aged you stand almost no chance.  Jessica Tandy won for “Driving Miss Daisy” when she was 80.  Gwenyth Paltrow won for “Shakespeare in Love” when she was 25.  Personally for the latter I think the director deserves a special award for making that the ONE Gwenyth Paltrow performance that DIDN’T make me want to claw my eyes out!

I could go on…so best to leave it here.  Seeya monday.

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  • Drew

    In all fairness Gosford Park really sucked.

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  • Jayferguson97

    Well I agree with the Academy on the ’47, ’73, ’77, and ’82 ones, but yeah, that’s pretty true.

  • http://twitter.com/ewitatutie ewitatutie

    If you’d ever seen The Best Years of Our Lives you wouldn’t get so torn up about it winning.  It’s an amazing movie.

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