B-Side #004 – “How Your Computer Can Drive You To Suicide”

Yea, it’s been a long week.

I try to install Guitar Rig 4 on my laptop so I can record music for the Fairies (stay tuned for that), and this is what happens.  Few things inspire such rage in me than computer issues because, despite not being very good technically, pretty much everything I do revolves around the computer.  So when all my programs and settings are wiped (despite my files being perfectly fine) it sends my routine into a tailspin.

I don’t suppose it helps with there being a death in the family as well.  Angelo, my mother’s long time boyfriend, lost his mother just yesterday morning.  She went peacefully at the ripe age of 84, and she got to spend her last moments with her sons, but naturally it hangs heavy over the house.  Kinda gives perspective to my sissy computer problems.

In any case, it’ll be fine.  Everything’s up and running again despite some minor annoyances.  I’m more angry that I missed my update schedule for the first time since I started this site.  I’m a big, BIG stickler for webcomics sticking to whatever update schedule they set and missing it just makes me sick.  But perhaps I should use this as an opportunity rather than a hinderance.  Next week I’ll finally be wrapping up this current story and moving onto other stuff.  And while I HAVE stuck to my update schedule, I’ve gotten a little slack sometimes posting in the afternoons or evenings.  I hope to rectify that.

Oh also, concerning today’s comic, I don’t really cyber…anymore *eyes dart, then runs*

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  • Yarr-whals

    You should update more frequently. 10.4 is old old lamesauce. 😉 Since you’re on SL though obv. you are on an Intel processor, so at least you’re not even *more* outdated.

    <3, Dude Who Repairs Apples.

  • Yarr-whals

    PS. That wasn’t meant to be an insult. I just realized how snobby I sounded. It was intended as playful teasing with the subtext that I do exactly what you describe, all day every day, over and over again. ^_^

  • CyberSkull

    To my memory, upgrading from 10.4 to 10.5 was quick & easy. Now 10.9 to 10.10 and 10.10 to 10.11 took most of the day for just the install…

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