B-Side #005 – “R.I.P. Peter Steele”

As I’m sure most of you heard, Peter Steele of Type O Negative died of heart failure yesterday.  He was 48.  I felt remiss if I didn’t give tribute because Type O Negative was one of my favorite bands, and Peter Steele one of my favorite singers.

Type O Negative was dark, gloomy, and heavy: things all good goth metal are.  But where they differed from others was their dry, sarcastic sense of humor.  As a comedian, I really appreciated this and it helped separate Type O from the pack. And what’s more, Pete Steele wasn’t morose or whiny in his singing. He was a deep voiced motherfucker who sounded smooth as hell. As a guy with a baritone voice himself that was something I really dug.

I still remember the last time I saw the band.  It was at 1st & 7th in Minneapolis when I was still in college.  They were touring in support of their “Dead Again” album and they had Celtic Frost opening for them.  Before they came on stage they played the chicken dance insistently on the house speakers, turning it down and then cranking it back up when it seemed like they were going to come out on stage.  Lots of the audience members were not amused.  I was laughing my ass off.

I got a long weekend ahead of me.  C2E2 is finally here and I’m gonna show off my stuff the best I can since I don’t have a table.  And what’s more I have to head back to the warehouse on monday, so I gotta get monday’s comic good and ready in advance.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  • DocW

    We met at the Chicago Comic Con yesterday and you told me about this while we were talking. Just wanted you to know I posted a link to it on the band’s message board.

  • Samanthajay7

    i’m so glad i got to see him play live. they were going on right before cradel of filth. they all were wearing prison jump suits as peter explained they we showing off sadam’s new wadrobe. it was hilarious. swigging from a bottle of whine between songs. it was a great show.

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