#088 – “Fangirl Rage”

This is based on a true story, only this was during a conversation when “The Dark Knight” was about to come out.  And despite what I portray here, the girl in question didn’t try to hit me.  She did however turn around, look me in the eye, and gave me a very curt “Fuck You”.  And she meant it.  Some people truly take things FAR too seriously.

I’ll be posting one off’s like this for the next week or two before I long into the next major story.  I think I need to just engage in some random silliness for a bit.

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  • Gonzo

    Meh. I dunno.
    This is Nolan’s Bat-world.
    There would be no tights, there would be body armor.
    The pixie boots haven’t actually been in play since 1981, and he doesn’t HAVE to have red on.
    Robin isn’t campy. JOEL FRICKIN SHUMACHER was campy.

  • Vogerl

    The role of Robin’s rainbow colored disguise is to draw attention and bullets off of Batman.

  • Samanthajay7

    it wasn’t jennie breeden from the devil’s panties was it?

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