#093 – “The Perv Has A Point”

I know I’ve been harping on fan-fiction a lot this week, and I don’t mean to insult anyone personally (except whoever wrote “My Immortal”).  Really, what gets me down about fan-fiction is how the writers will craft these long intricate stories, and all I can think is “Why don’t you write your own if you’re gonna go that deep?”  Some go off on such crazy tangents that they could change the names of the characters and locations and it’d be it’s own original story.

I dunno, as a guy who fights fiercely to tell his own tale and not rely too much on fan references or popular culture, I just wish more people would try harder to be original.  I’ll stop harping on fan-fiction (for now).

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  • Dee

    I couldn’t help myself. I had to go Google ‘My Immortal’.

    This thing is so bad that there’s a website dedicated to housing it just because it’s that bad. I got to chapter three before I thought my eyes were going to fall out. Couldn’t take it. lol Could. Not. Take. It.

    But other than that, great comic! And as someone who wrote fanfiction (and kinda still does from time to time), keep picking on it if you want! It’s hilariously true.

  • Perry Sona

    Oh god I love and hate My Immortal at the same time. It’s fun to rage and troll it but it makes you weep for humanity at the same time.

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