Guest strip by Dusty + Jade

Back from the Cincinnati Comic Expo!  For the first year of a one-day con in a town I’d never set up before, I did pretty well and it was a real pleasure to be there.  I want to extend special thanks to Eric Adams of Lackluster World.  I wouldn’t have been able to make it for this thing if it wasn’t for him.  I even got mentioned in a write-up of the show by Faceplant!, which you guys should totally read.  Us guys who have exclamation points in our titles have to stick together.

And there’s even more developments!  Today we have the very first “Oh Goodie!” guest strip, provided by Dusty + Jade of Mahou Shounen Fight!  I’ll be trading one back with them before the end of the week, so keep an eye out for a link for that.

Funny story about this comic: Dusty + Jade’s original idea for this was James and Aiyeese talking about the rumor that “Back to the Future” was going to be remade with Justin Bieber starring as Marty McFly.  While it wasn’t a bad or unfunny idea, I asked them to come up with something else for two reasons: 1.) I don’t like to do a lot of pop culture based humor, and I worry jokes like that will get stale after a while.  And 2.) I could give two shits about Justin Bieber.  I know the whole internet is out for that kid’s blood, but he registers so low on my radar I can’t even get up the energy to make fun of him.  So when people ask “What do you think of Justin Bieber?” I respond to him with the crushing indifference he deserves.

The girls then came back with today’s comic, and my only request was that the gay porn video be titled “Bear Hunt,” which they were happy to do.

If you’re an artist and you like my work, feel free to e-mail your own guest strip ideas to me!  Or possibly submit some art for the Fan Art section.  Anything submitted between now and January will be guaranteed to get into the “Oh Goodie!” book I’m publishing next year.

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