#199 – “Working Man #34”

…And I am IMMEDIATELY disowned by my Irish Catholic family.

Nah just kidding.  This comic is dedicated to the girls of St. Francis, who’d hang out at my old high school job after class was over.  Those skirts made my day just that much brighter 🙂

I’ve kind of made an impromptu decison; I’m ending the Bullseye arc here.  Today’s comic was intended to be the pay-off after something like three more strips, but frankly those strips were kind of “eh” in retrospect and I kinda said all I wanted to say with the previous ones, so I decided to skip to the end.  Not to mention, from an art stand-point, it’s been kind of boring to draw.  I had to add Catholic school girls and a freaking Hydra just to make it interesting for me.

Next week I’ll be entering the final leg of the “Working Man” storyline.  I’ll try to get something up over the weekend, but bear in mind I’m working another five day marathon at my job.  Combined with balancing work and C2E2, today was the first day off I’ve had in two weeks, and I won’t be having my next one (one!) until Wednesday.  My head hurts just thinking about it.

*sighs* Oh well.  If you’re gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly, right?

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  • Maninmotionprod

    Gonna read your book this weekend! Can’t wait! Showed it off to the family already. Just wanted to stop by & say me and the fam are very proud of you dude!~Vesal

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