“Trifectica #5”

Part of the fun of writing for what’s intended to be a cheap science fiction shop is figuring out the logistics of things.  Not only would they blatantly advertise merchandise in the MIDDLE of the show, they’d also skimp on the special effects wherever they could.  “Star Trek” saved us a bunch of long boring shuttle rides by inventing the transporter, but “Trifectica” goes one step further by not even having a transporter effect!  Just BAM on they’re on the planet!

…The funny thing is the “Harry Potter” series really does use jump cuts for teleporting (they call it “apparating”) so this isn’t far off.

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  • http://thetasmanians.com/ Tony McGurk

    Only 19.95 including S&H Bargain!!! I’ll take 2 do you accept paypal?

  • Alex

    Heh, “vworp” is usually the “word” they would use for the sound The Doctor’s TARDIS makes in Doctor Who as it appears/dissapears..

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