#268 – “Audial Erotic #4” (Pwesence) *

Little tribute to my mother Maribeth, who really did raise me on a wide variety of music. God I have fun drawing flashbacks in “Oh Goodie!”.

And now, some Zep:

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  • artbeast

    Lil’ James looks kinda like Chucky from “Rugrats”.

  • InsertNameHere

    Oh wow, reminds me so much of my own family!
    Little James is so cute. >w<

  • Yohannon (Just Yohannon)


    Okay, you had me at your Rush references about 100 or so comics back (Permanent Waves holds a special place in my heart, with 2112 a close second… yeah, I saw the album cover a few strips back!), but then you mention what I believe to be both Led Zep’s most under-rated album AND best songs. Achilles Last Stand is STILL one of my “goto songs” when I crave some flashbacks to my youth on Long Island in the 70’s.

    Excuse me, I think I need to turn the speaker system that would make my 14 year old self weep with joy to “11” for a bit. 16 inch sub-woofer FTW!

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