Been meaning to do this for a while! Time to finally show you all what Devi Ever’s Christmas present can do!

Mojdeh was kind enough to let me record this in Radiant Devices‘ basement studio, using Fyodor’s Ibanez SA into her Peavey Bandit 112. Played some random riffs by Rush, Van Halen, Tool, and Soundgarden, along with a few riffs I wrote myself. At about 3:37, when I turn the gain up to maximum, you can hear me tune down to Drop D. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this thing was meant for Drop D tuning.

Forgive the sloppy playing in certain parts. I was kind of faffing about a bit. If you want to see more of Devi’s pedals for yourself, click here!

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  • RAWK

    And Working man

  • Alex

    Ok, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t turn up the gain at 3:37.  It looks like that knob is labeled “Tone Control”, whereas the gain would be the “Turn It Up” knob.  The gain being turned up would increase the fuzziness of it (since clipping due to excess gain is what produces the fuzz in the first place), rather than brightening the sound, which is what happens when you turn that right-hand tone control knob.

  • Seamus Patrick Burke

    The volume knob says “Turn It Up” while the control knob says “Take Control”.  I designed the graphic myself and submitted it for Devi to use in this case. 

    I’m honestly not completely sure what the second knob does, so I just call it “the gain knob” for lack of a better term.  You could be entirely right and it is a tone knob.  I personally found in lower wattage amps it tends to “saturate” the sound more when I move it past 1 o’clock.  In my own rig at home my other pedals (my wah pedal in particular) turn to mush.

  • artbeast

    I’d have thought the knobs would be labeled “louder” and “meaner”.

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