#363 – “Edgar Allen Woe #23”

Holy crap, you can see James’ eyes!!!

…Nah, just kidding.  I hate it when comic strips make a big deal out of suddenly being able to see the eyes of a character who wears glasses.  James has eyes.  Of course he has eyes.  How else do you think he sees?  Actually since he wears glasses, he sees very poorly!

Speaking of James, I tend to feel the way he does about people who are not only really talented and have a lot of fans, but also ones who are really young (teens, early twenties, etc).  If you’re that famous at that age you’ve clearly done something right, and you’re going to be all petulant and moody about your success?  I start reacting like the commander in “Top Gun”.  YOU!  YOU’RE LUCKY TO EVEN BE HERE!

…Sorry.  Anyway.

Something more positive: I didn’t know this was live yet, but I just did a spot illustration for New City for an article they ran, “Days of Wine & Feathers: Finding Sanctuary with the Birds at the Magic Hedge” by Sheila Cull.  Click on the image below to check it and the article out!


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