#434 – “More Than A Feeling”

It kind of amazes me the shit Boston has gotten over the years by various music critics.  Considering the DIY philosophy the internet has given us when it comes to music, I’m kind of amazed Boston hasn’t become patron saints for that.  Tom Scholz (their founder and lead guitarist) basically said “Screw record labels and corporations, I’m gonna make the stuff I want to make” and did just that, down to making his own amplifiers with the Rockman brand to get the exact sound he wanted and to make recording easier.  I can see the amount of polish and studio trickery putting people off (though I’m not one of them), but the achievement itself doesn’t deserve to be ignored.

This isn’t “More Than A Feeling” I know, but here’s a “Hitch A Ride”, my favorite song off Boston’s first album.  The harmonized guitar solo at the end is just sublime.

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  • Max Banks Schafer

    I hate to be that guy, but my OCD won’t let me ignore the misspelling of “Feeling” in the second panel.

    Also, “Foreplay/Long Time” is another fantastic Boston song.

  • Redheaded Cyclone

    I just tagged into your comic from Wapsi Square. Nice work! I read the archives and enjoyed them.

    I have to say that at the beginning, I was a little ambivalent… and then I saw the Rush shirt… and so I read a little more… and then the conversation at the record store… and I was hooked.

    Nice story arcs, I like the art and the characters… Nice job! You are now in my ‘daily Comics’ links! 🙂 (dubious praise maybe, but it’s a cool thing to me! 🙂

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