#500 – “Sins Against Christmas Music #6”

500 strips!  Thank you all so much for being with me this long.  The cut-off point for “Volume 4” is going to be here, and I’ll be releasing it (along with the new editions of the earlier volumes) around my usual time in the Spring.  “Volume 5” will be starting very shortly.  It’ll have some more minor changes, but nothing serious and they’re more tweaks to the art and look.  Hope you guys dig them.

Meantime, enjoy Christopher Lee and I’ll see you soon.

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  • ChevetteGirl

    That’s surprisingly not terrible, although I wish they’d gotten the timing better (I’m guessing the voice was recorded separately and then they added the music afterwards… He has a pretty good voice for metal!

  • MerchManDan

    Have you heard of the metal opera Sir Lee had produced? It’s based on the life of Charlemagne; he sings about shedding the blood of four thousand Saxon men. I can’t describe it any better; here’s a sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvKRbi2ovDY

  • spburke

    Of course I have! There’s a reason I drew him with that giant ass crown.

  • MerchManDan

    …yes, I figured that. I was talking to ChevetteGirl.

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