Quick One #19 – “Not So Fantastic”

Odd choice for my second comic back, I know, but I hadn’t drawn superheroes in a while (particularly one as unique looking as The Thing), so thought I’d go out on a limb.

I was still working at a movie theater when “Hulk” originally came out, and among the MANY baffling choices it made, delaying the origin and appearance of the Hulk by almost a full hour is perhaps the one that takes the cake. A whole hour?? He gets zapped by radiation and becomes a green rage monster. If nothing else, the Edward Norton version spends ONE minute on that.

The new “Fantastic Four” seems to commit a similar sin. We come to movies like these for something VERY specific, and if that’s not delivered on, people get mad. Just get to the point and don’t waste our time.

I’ve seen a fair amount of people trying to say that the failure of “Fantastic Four” might be emblematic of bigger trends in superhero films, and I doubt that’ll be the case. Fact is, the way it was executed was a bad idea from the beginning and was done by people wrong for the jobs they were given. That’s really the beginning and end of it.

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