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Recently did my first “Gray Man Art” interview in a while with Steve Lieber, co-founder of Portland’s own Periscope Studio and cartoonist extraordinaire!  We spent time talking about his seminal graphic novel “Whiteout”, which he did back in ’99 with Greg Rucka.  Either click the link below or check out the Gray Man Art Tumblr […]

Combined with “Oh Goodie!“, “Gray Man Art“, and this very site, you may have noticed something: I’ve got a fuck ton of websites. And that’s not even including various things like my Facebook, my Twitter, my old Deviant Art account, my old Livejournal, etc etc. I agree I’m spread in a lot of directions, but […]

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Unfortunately, the Kickstarter to get the “Oh Goodie! Edgar Allen Woe” book into stores was not successfully funded. I blame myself. I’ve had so much going on this month, I haven’t had the chance to properly promote it like I should have. Not saying that would have gotten it funded, but I feel there was […]

Now here’s something awesome! Just did a “Gray Man” interview with Paul Taylor (creator of “Wapsi Square“), talking about his upcoming art book “Paul Taylor Illustrations“, showing off all of his original, non-“Wapsi Square” art. Come check it out, or check out “Wapsi Square” itself if you are so inclined. Share

Did a quick interview with Justin “JewWario” Carmical for his series “Con Men” when he passed by my table at C2E2! I’ve been a huge fan of his for a while, so it was an honor to meet him and to have him feature me on his show. He even bought a copy of “Volume […]

As I’m sure some of you have noticed lately, “Oh Goodie!” has been ravaged by spam posts.  I’ve tried to resolve this once-and-for-all as of late, but it’s proven impossible for me to install security plug-ins because my host server is running on an old version of MySQL.  A version, I’m told, was outright discontinued […]

Just posted the second “Gray Man” interview! This one is with Martha Hull, a wonderful woman I met at Art Spark, who just made her latest book “Untimely Death Alphabet” entirely in scratchboard. Come check it out, and check out Martha’s work as well! Share

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Come check out the inaugural interview of “Gray Man Art” with Jessica Flores, superhero charcoal artist of Broke Drawers! Share

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Last year, I made brief attempts to have a Tumblr presence by founding a blog that was basically an extension of my portfolio site. Don’t bother looking it up, because I deleted it. Mindlessly re-posting what was already on that page got old really fast and, in the end, I didn’t see the point. I’ve […]

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I’m not going to lie: November is going to be a tough month for me.  I have a lot of projects going on at once, and not much income to support it.  In short, I’m stretched thin.  Therefore, with the “Edgar Allen Woe” story finished up, I’ve decided to let you guys have a chance […]

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