#194 – “Working Man #29”

If you’ve worked retail at any point in your life, you’ve run into these people.  The people who confront you, the prole at the bottom of the ladder, over why something doesn’t cost something they feel it should.  As if a bottom-of-the-rung schlubb like yourself controls such things (or even care).

C2E2 tomorrow!  Can’t wait!

…Oh!  And, erm, Happy St. Patrick’s Day I guess.  Since I have quite possibly the most Irish name ever I kind of live in a state of “cannot be asked” about things like that.

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  • Harrowed

    I work for Walmart. The answer I like to give, “Because that’s how they tell us to price it.” Then I tell them that the best way to get things to change is to either e-mail the company(which I then get to listen to a diatribe about “the demonic internets”) or they can call the number at the service desk…which is far away from me. Then I smile and tell them to have a nice day.

  • Mouse

    The correct answer is to suggest greed by the bean farmers (they’ve all been taken over by big companies, no independent family owned ones anymore), then throw in the price of gas increasing shipping costs for good measure… They will pick their favorite corporate conspiracy. After that you just nod and agree about the horribleness of the economy, possibly one side or another of the idiocy of foreign relations, keeping it as vague as possible until they rant themselves out and move on.
    Kind of like you’d treat a kid throwing a temper tantrum at home.

  • Dad Burke

    You have a great Name with a large heritage.

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