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There was a period for a solid year at my day job where I had to hear Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” every single day, often multiple times.  I’m kind of amazed I never noticed it’s similarity to “Won’t Back Down” before  (especially since the radio station we’re tuned to plays that song frequently as […]

Metallica had a lot going against them on “St. Anger”.  It’s the SCUD missile of comeback albums: it’s not in the air very long and does very little damage.  I was in high school when it first came out and amongst my friends and classmates, it was meant with a resounding “…Seriously?”.  It’s what happens […]

2009 through 2010 wasn’t a good time for me, least of all musically. My early attempts at music criticism for “Oh Goodie!” quickly led to burn out, as I was either heavily disappointed or infuriated by what I was listening to. Attempting to listen Nickelback will do that to you. I’d had a fair amount […]

Since most modern pop music continues to find new ways to suck my will to live, I thought I’d cleanse the palette and talk about music I actually like. I don’t know when it is that I fell out with most modern pop music. Maybe it’s when all singers decided to sound like tone-deaf, auto-tuned, […]

I’m gonna throw down a gauntlet pretty quick: I’m a HUGE Incubus fan.  They’re easily one of my top ten all-time favorite bands.  I can actually point to any random Incubus album and how it relates to a certain time in my life.  I listen to “Make Yourself”, I think of playing Majora’s Mask on […]

“The Phantom Menace of Rock Albums” In the last ten years, thanks to the internet making all music easily accessible, it seems most acts are mash-ups or combinations of classic genres.  Pop and rock music has become an inspirational free-for-all, and it’s quite exciting to see people paste together all these parts you normally think […]

“I came for Slash, not fucking Fergie!” I haven’t done this in a while, so let’s just jump right into it! Slash sure has had a storied career, hasn’t he?  After having been in bands with Axl Rose AND Scott Weiland he can say he’s survived working with the two most whacked out bipolar lead […]

Pop music’s been pretty gay for a while now, especially pop male stars.  Look up video of Elton John performing in a sequined baseball uniform at Dodger’s Stadium back in the 70’s if you don’t believe me.  Hell you could even go as far back as Liberace.  The funny part is female fans eat it […]

There’s a motherfucking sitar.  What the hell am I listening to? I may be uniquely qualified to review Weezer’s new album “Raditude”.  Unlike a lot of people, I don’t have any romanticized notions about their first two records.  My introduction to the group was 2001’s “Green Album”, and I’m in the minority who thinks “Maladroit” […]

Nickelback made me hate sex and I hope they’re proud of themselves. I usually avoid Nickelback like the plague, and really can you blame me?  Back when I was in high school I ran the gamut of angsty rock music most teens at the beginning of the 21st century (Korn, Linkin Park, Evanescence, etc).  The […]

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